Designer chains electrolytic surface treatment and chemical Cats

Subsidiarie LOGAPRO

Subsidiarie LOGAPRO

CATS ®: a collaboration between SLETI ® and the engineering team of the company LOGAPRO

The CATS ® Software is the result of a significant investment since 25 years.

CATS ® is the industrial property of the society SLETI ®.

In the constant search for an evolution of our control software, the stability, the expertise and the technological talents of our team serve and assist our customers continuously.

With over 300 applications, the Software CATS ® covers all areas of surface treatment technology in France and abroad.

CATS®, a recognized software that provides many services like:

  • License agreement
  • Maintenance contract
  • Industrial technical assistance
  • Training of the customer staff.

These advantages and guarantees strengthen the operation of your plating shop and all related equipements like waste water treatment, fumes scrubbers, ventilation, etc.   

  • Plaquette CATS

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